The KITE OTPICS aluminum tripod ARDEA AL is a professional compact all-round tripod. It is a user- and budget friendly birdwatching tripod that is easy to travel with. Despite its small dimensions and light weight of only 1.4 kilograms, the tubes are still large enough to offer very rigid support to heavy optical instruments.  

The ARDEA AL, weighing 2,2 kilograms with head can extend to 160 cm, offering comfortable viewing for very tall people. The very durable twist locks offer excellent grip, and as an advantage over conventional flip locks, twist locks are faster to operate and do not get stuck behind branches or bushes in the field. They also allow the user to easily disassemble the legs for cleaning and maintenance.

A wide array of heads and other accessories can easily be added via the 1/4″ and 3/8″ attachment on the upper disc.

  • Light travel tripod
  • Twist locks
  • Retractabel weight hook         
  • Integrated spirit level  
  • variable leg angles
  • carrying bag included









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model KITE ARDEA AL + 128RC KITE ARDEA AL (w/o head)
tripod head included yes no
type of tripod head Manfrotto 128RC -
quick release plate yes -
quick release plate screw size 1/4" -
tripod top screw size 3/8" / 1/4" 3/8" / 1/4"
sections 3 3
weight 2.2 kg 1.4 kg
maximum height (central column extracted) 160 cm 149 cm
maximum height 137 cm 126 cm
minimum height 44 cm 33 cm
closed length (without head) - 57 cm
closed length (with head) 68 cm -
maximum mount load 4 kg (head) 8 kg (no head)
carrying bag included yes yes
material aluminum aluminum
lock type twist twist
color black black
variable leg angles yes yes
bubble spirit level yes yes
retractable ballast hook yes yes
foam handle yes yes
max. leg ¯ 24mm 24mm
min. leg ¯ 16mm 16mm
code K283858 K283841

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